This is the first in a seven-part series highlighting the 2022-2023 Clark County School District New Educators of the Year.

Robert Strawder Jr., the 2022-2023 New Educator of the Year (Middle School), is an exceptional educator and the driving force behind Grant Sawyer Middle School’s innovative Hip Hop Entrepreneurship class. With a passion for fostering personal growth in children, Strawder has created a program that empowers students through the rich culture of hip hop while developing essential skills.

Supported by Principal Brandy Kirkpatrick, Strawder has cultivated an environment where creativity thrives. The Hip Hop Entrepreneurship class goes beyond the studio, equipping students with vital life skills such as writing, critical thinking, and public speaking.

Strawder’s dedication for his students is evident in his teaching approach. He strives to provide an environment where each student can flourish. Through his unwavering commitment, Strawder inspires his students to reach their full potential.