Directing the Clark County School District’s transportation service – the largest school bus fleet in the United States – is a challenging assignment.

The school district serves urban, suburban, and rural areas. The land surface area of Clark County is immense – 7,891 square miles – a size equivalent to the entire state of Massachusetts. CCSD has 300,000-plus students, making it the fifth-largest school district in the United States.

Effective communication, coordination, and innovation, however, have created a climate of excellence in CCSD’s Transportation Department.

“CCSD’s Transportation operations includes our own training, payroll, technology, routing, and scheduling services – along with a call center department – to efficiently and effectively support the rapidly growing needs of transportation services,” says Jennifer Vobis, executive director of the Transportation Department, who was named the 2022 Transportation Director of the Year by the publication School Transportation News. 

Vobis notes that the Transportation Department has vehicle maintenance departments at each of its five transportation facilities to maintain its large fleet of buses. The Transportation Department has also updated the technology in its buses and continues to provide ongoing training for its employees with monthly workshops. 

This is just a sampling of illuminating statistics for CCSD’s Transportation Department:

  • 1,922 buses
  • 122,931 eligible bus riders
  • 31,437 total bus stops
  • 12,439 children receive specialized curb-to-curb service
  • 140,000-plus total miles driven each school day by CCSD’s fleet of buses

“The Transportation Department continues to strive for excellence,” Vobis says. “The goal of our staff is to provide services to students and schools in a safe, timely, and courteous manner.”