Clark County School District (CCSD) Transportation Director Jennifer Vobis has been named 2022 Transportation Director of the Year by the publication School Transportation News (STN).

“As the largest owned and operated school bus fleet in the United States, we could not be more proud of Jennifer to be recognized for her outstanding efforts to transport our kids every day to and from school,” said Superintendent Jesus F. Jara. “Jennifer’s commitment to excellence, efficiency, and safety is shared by our transportation employees across the district, and we appreciate their dedication to ensuring the safe transportation they provide on a daily basis.”

Vobis has held the role of CCSD’s Executive Director of Transportation since 2021, and prior to that, she served as Transportation Director since 2015. Vobis has been an employee with CCSD since 1995. As an educator, she has held multiple positions in the District, including as an elementary school teacher, special education teacher and a director in the District’s special education department.

“I am tremendously grateful for this honor,” said CCSD Transportation Director Jennifer Vobis. “My mission every day is to help students get to and from school. I am proud of the staff who work hard to provide that service to students and schools in a safe, timely and courteous manner.”

CCSD’s Transportation Department has more than 1,920 school buses in its fleet and provides transportation to more than 120,000 students daily. Each school day, CCSD school buses drive a total of more than 140,000 miles. This is only possible thanks to the hard work of the District’s more than 1,350 bus drivers and an additional 700 transportation employees. CCSD has the largest district-owned and operated school bus fleet in the nation.

STN’s mission is to create content, community, and commerce to support the school transportation industry in getting students to and from school safely and efficiently. STN is a monthly business-to-business news magazine serving the field of pupil transportation.

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(Photo credit: School Transportation News/Taylor Ekbatani)